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Solar Energy

There are so many benefits to going Solar.  Tapping in to solar energy saves money from the start and can save massively over the years, making it an excellent investment now and future.  It can often be installed with minimal or no upfront cost, making it an even easier choice.

We have one of the most powerful green energy sources at our fingertips here in Australia – the sun. It just makes sense to use it!

If you are looking to install solar in your home or business premises, our team will help you find the best solution for your lifestyle and needs.  Considering your current energy usage, your future needs and taking advantage of government incentives, we will explain the options and design a scaleable solution of the best available quality while meeting your budget.

Our team have a depth of experience, are knowledgeable, genuinely reliable and will always look after your needs, now and future. When you are ready to go solar, we invite you to call us for an obligation free quote.

Battery Systems

A consistent, reliable, zero emission power supply is now an affordable reality.  With advances in technology, solar batteries can now provide continuous power to your home or business, taking reliance off external power providers and allowing you to generate your own power.

Most commonly, Battery Systems are combined with solar energy to provide additional day to day and back up power for the times that you need it.

In addition to the environmental benefits, one of the key benefits of a Battery Bank is that it provides power in the event of grid failure – a lifeline to a business, and just as valuable in the home.

We use and recommend Tesla Powerwall for its world leading technology and reliability.

If you would like to explore generating more of your own power at home or business, call us to discuss the options and help you choose the best solution for you.

Solar Hot Water

A solar powered hot water system is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of bringing hot water to your home.  Combining solar hot water with solar energy to power your home maximises your savings.  Add in a battery system either now or later and you are also able to store free energy for use whenever you need it.

All of our systems are designed to be scaleable – you’ll be able to adapt and grow as your needs do over the years. Little steps count – simply replacing your electric water heater is equivalent to taking a small car off the road, every year!

Off Grid Solar

There are many reasons for wanting an off grid solution.  Building in a rural area for example often brings surprise at the costs associated with connecting to the grid and the challenge of uncertain grid energy supplies.

With technology advancing, it is becoming more affordable by the day and off grid energy, powered by an efficient mix of solar panels, battery storage and back up power generation is now very much within reach and can be a wise investment in an energy source that is kind to our planet, totally self sufficient and saving for the future.


For our customers who find it easier to organise an energy efficient home all in one place, we supply and install Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning options that pair beautifully with your solar energy solutions to maximise environmental and financial benefits… designed specifically for you and your lifestyle.


Some of our customers also appreciate being able to combine home and business security into their solar energy solution, again giving the benefit of organising all energy efficient options in one place and working with a single trusted team across the board.  An excellent option to protect your investment and feel the security of knowing you and the things you have worked hard for are safe and protected.

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