Perth Solar Solutions

Empowering Life With Sustainable Energy

At Homewise Solar, we believe in powering your life with the most abundant energy source – the Sun! We bring our energy, expertise, and top-tier products to provide you with superior solar solutions. Trust us to help you reduce your electricity costs, improve your home’s value, and make your life more sustainable. Explore our various offerings that make us the trusted Perth Solar Company.

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Commercial Solar

Maximise your business’ potential with our commercial solar solutions. We’ll help your company reduce overhead costs and minimise its carbon footprint with customised solar power systems. Your journey towards corporate sustainability starts here!

Heat Pumps

Say goodbye to expensive hot water bills and hello to efficient, renewable energy. Our heat pumps utilise the ambient warmth in the air to heat your water, delivering exceptional savings and energy efficiency.

Solar Hot Water System

Hot water shouldn’t cost the earth. With our top-tier solar hot water systems, you’ll enjoy unlimited hot water all year round. We’re talking reduced power bills, lower emissions, and an instant value-add to your home.


Experience complete energy independence with our off grid solar systems. Perfect for rural properties or anyone seeking full autonomy from the grid, our solutions give you the power to create, store, and manage your own electricity.

Solar Battery Systems

Turn sunlight into savings and ensure uninterrupted power supply with our solar battery systems. Store surplus solar energy during the day, and use it when you need it most – like during those peak evening hours or during a blackout.

Solar Panels

Capture the power of the sun with our high-quality solar panels. With a focus on long-term benefits and superior performance, our solar panels will not only reduce your energy bills but also help you lessen your environmental impact.

Solar Systems

Transform your roof into a powerhouse with our efficient solar systems. Designed to maximise your solar generation and slash your electricity bills, our solar systems are the key to a green, cost-effective future.

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